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Add Input Reports for LARS CONNECT Edition

An input report should be made available to LARS files similar to the input report generated in LEAP Steel. This allows for a more efficient process for QA/QC of load rating files. This ability was present in LARS v10, but removed in the modernize...
21 days ago in OpenBridge Designer / Reports 0 Needs review

RM Bridge Envelopes for Shell Forces

I would like to start using RM Bridge with shell elements for transverse analysis, however, I have just found out that currently it does not provide envelope results for shell forces, this is an essential tool for live load transverse analysis.
6 months ago in OpenBridge Designer / OpenBridge Modeler / Reports 0 Needs review

RM BRIDGE Line Integrals Enhancement

I have tried using the line integrals for shell elements in RM Bridge, but the results are not accurate by around 10%. This is not acceptable. I was told by Ana Carla that the linear integrals results come from Gauss points integration, but I do n...
6 months ago in Reports 0 Needs review