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User Interface

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Cross Section View and elevation difference measurement tools

A way to better measure slope in cross section view, and elevation difference, that isn’t clunky. 
5 months ago in OpenRail Designer / OpenRoads Designer / OpenSite Designer / User Interface 0 Needs review

Simplfy the Interface - How many "sizes" can there be?

Object Properties - Feature Definition of a pipe is top level, its description is a pick list of diameters (TxDOT), but Utilities Properties has three different locations. This complexity is unnecessary.

[RM Bridge] Enable right-click menu for the side graphic window when the main graphic windows do not show the model

This is a feature request for RM Bridge 1. When the main graphic windows show the model, the right-click menu is enabled for the the side graphic window Please refer to attached 1.png. 2. But when the main graphic windows does NOT show the model, ...
12 months ago in OpenBridge Designer / User Interface 0 Needs review

Graphical Results for Cross-Frames/Diaphragms

In the LEAP Bridge Steel analysis dialog box can there be an axial force diagram, with the cross-frames/diaphragms visible?
3 months ago in User Interface 0 Needs review