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OpenBridge Modeler

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Place beam as cell

Option to place beam as the cell.- In the case where the beam cross section (Template) is changing quite a lot in one span, when there are other elements attached to beam, penetrations in the beam or simply complex geometry of the beam it would be...
17 days ago in OpenBridge Modeler 0 Future consideration

Itemtype/Data missing

While Openbridge elements have lot of great data attached that can also be read by itemtype expression, however as soon as we do any modification to solid by the usual modify solid command, the element is converted to smart solid and all the OBM D...
21 days ago in Item Types / OpenBridge Modeler 0 Future consideration

Enhancement in Approach Slab and Deck

Approach Slab - When placed, we cannot switch the template - Approach Slab reference line text annotation scale and font are different to bridge support line, it doesn't follow the model annotation scale - Option to derive the length of the slab, ...
21 days ago in OpenBridge Modeler 0 Future consideration

Variable Constraints on a Skew

I've found that variable constraints are highly effective when support lines are perpendicular to the alignment. However, when a skew is introduced to these support lines, a variable constraint continues to function perpendicular to the alignment ...
about 1 month ago in OpenBridge Modeler 0 Future consideration

Export cells and parametric cells in IFC export

At the moment, only shared cells are supported.

Pile Embed Length Manual Override

A standard Pier type used in our state typically calls out two lengths of pile ('Long' and Short') that alternate along the width of the Substructure. An example plan is attached. If the ' Embed Length ' variable had a manual override option to ch...
2 months ago in OpenBridge Modeler 0 Future consideration

Copy named boundary from another file

The ability to copy plan drawings from a different file to have the same boundaries for different disciplines and you are able to edit named boundaries in each separate discipline. In summary the named boundaries start the same but they are indepe...

Add Highlight tool in OpenRoads & OpenRail Designer

In OpenTunnel Designer there's "Highlight" & "Clear Highlight" tool in explorer panel which helps us to highlight any particular element in a huge dgn without turning off display levels of other elements. Please bring this to other civil produ...

Terrain label integrated with element template should able to rotate

The Element Template of the terrain are integrated with the Major /Minor Contour labelling and control by Text style for modification , This labelling is only in the orientation of the up Slope , and can not be rotate to down slope or control as p...

Civil Accudraw Reference Element Included in Heads Up Prompt and Highlight Element

When using Civil Accudraw’s heads up prompts it would be helpful to have the prompt display the reference element (or elements) and highlight it, so the user knows exactly which reference element is being used. Often users are switching betwee...