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Transverse PT for shell element segmental box girder

Introduction of Transverse PT for shell element segmental box girder.
6 days ago in OpenBridge Designer 0 Needs review

Update turnout library for concept station

Clearly, concept station has a lot of potential as a conceptualization tool. However, just as any other tool at its birth, has issues that needs to be adressed. I noticed that the turnout library for swedish turnouts is outdated: it does not have ...
11 days ago in OpenRail ConceptStation 0 Needs review

Set cant parameters before applying

Make the Cant tool more useful. Currently, we set the speed then apply cant and it spits out some random cant values, which are unrealistic. Then we can set the cant parameters and the software proves the values are unrealistic and we have to edit...
7 days ago in CANT / OpenRail Designer 0 Needs review

rotate cells placed by field book

We need to be able to manually rotate survey cells in a 3D file. Yes, I understand there are macros to automate this. But simply put, we should be able to use the microstation rotate command and have the cell respond.
4 months ago in OpenRail Designer / OpenRoads Designer / Survey 9 Needs review

If no Design Lenghts in Catalog - Ignore or Set Design Inlet Openings to false

I do not see a place to force in a Inlet Catalog to set "Design Inlet Opening" to false, so I would like the software to assume False if lenghts are NOT in the catalog.

Create transitions between templates to eliminate gaps between them

A useful tool which shoud be added to the program is transition between different types of templates. It would be useful both in cases of tracks and corridors ( namely surfaces with different width ). Currently, if one implements several types of ...
9 days ago in OpenRail ConceptStation 0 Needs review

Choose whether imported geometry will follow terrain model or corridor profile

I observed that when one imports a geometry from OpenRail designer WITHOUT profile, Concept Station tends to create a profile on the basis of the terrain model. However, there are cases when it is better for the program to follow a corridor profil...
9 days ago in OpenRail ConceptStation 0 Needs review

Requesting Dogleg Cross Sections

Cross sections must be perpendicular to the flow lines at all locations. And they cannot intersect with each other. That is why it is common to see cross sections snap at different angles outside the main channel (we call this doglegging). The tri...
about 1 month ago in Drawing Production 1 Needs review

ORD Drainage - new properties for gutter spread/depth at edge of grate (not center)

Ohio DOT likes to see the spread and depth at the edge of the grate. Currently the software reports on the spread and depth at the start and end of the gutter. Would like additional properties to also report the spread and depth at the edge of the...
16 days ago in Drainage and Utilities 0 Needs review

Need to annotate partial alignment lengths along turnout from point of switch to start/end

Users need a way to annotate the same way SS2 would annotate with the Switch Height Plan command. Partial lengths along the alignment need to be annotated, but there is not a way to do this in OpenRail. The workaround is to create a dummy alignmen...
about 1 month ago in Annotation / OpenRail Designer / Turnouts/Crossings 0 Needs review