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OpenTunnel Designer

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Cell in GC will have additional properties for IFC

Placed cells with Generative components on alignment which have assigned item types as additional properties. Those properties will be later exported to IFC. Now the additional properties are not shown in GC only in ORD.

Add Application Version number in Pref Folder

Please add the correct version number to applications user preference folder. Currently when you browse to Openroads user preference folder you get folders called 10.0.0 and 10.0.0_1. These folders need to contain the version number of Openroads s...

The ability to edit the positioning and placement of a dimension.

Once a dimension is placed, it seems to be set. The ability to place a dimension and then later be able to adjust it would be tremendous. Not only the ability to adjust the placement of the dimension, but the ability to adjust the placement of the...

Text Favorite Naming

When an Annotation Definition is created in some cases it's useful to assign a text favorite to the annotation definition.....except for when you have text favorites with the same name. It would be nice if we could name text favorites with the sam...