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Status Future consideration
Categories Drawing Production
Created by Guest
Created on May 22, 2024

Better Side Slope Annotation tool

Plan annotation for side slopes is something really difficult to do in plan drawings.

First, there is only one workflow using Annotation Groups for 3D elements (3D side slope annotation is the full name). This make so that I can`t use my elements in the 2D model, I have to refference the 3D model and apply the annotation group to it.

And the results vary a lot and we have very little control over it.
Also, it wont follow an annotative scale, it is a one time process.

I work mostly with site development and the tool seams to be planned for roads or linear projects. It returns a lot of errors for site situations.

I thing in two ways to solve this:

1 - Create a specific annotation tool where we select first and second geometry elements, a pattern and it will apply the annotation. No need for left/rigth, feature def or any other annatation group config.

2 - Option to choose to create this inside the Template Editor, as in choosing two points and a pattern, so that OR knows it has to create this annotation when running the corridor/linear template.

There is a LastMileUtilities_v2.1 macro that tries to fix this, but is far as it can be from an easy workflow.

Civil Product Used OpenSite Designer, OpenRoads Designer