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Status Future consideration
Categories OpenRoads SignCAD
Created by Guest
Created on Jun 10, 2024

More options for customizing the behavior of the SignCAD backup file creation

When working with legacy .SGN files that were created in the 32bit version of OpenRoads SignCAD, the default behavior when opening these legacy files in the 64bit version of OpenRoads SignCAD 2023 is to append .BAK to the original legacy .SGN file and then create the upgraded 64bit .SGN file in the same directory. This presents a handful of issues with many of our users working out of our ProjectWise system. These backup files end up being generated in the local DMS directory as orphaned files without any awareness from the ProjectWise client. Having the ability at the organizational level to redirect where the backup files are stored, would be an acceptable stop-gap until integration with ProjectWise Explorer is officially supported.

Civil Product Used OpenRoads SignCAD