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Status Future consideration
Created by Guest
Created on Sep 20, 2022

Addition of a new Linear Terrain Triangle Void Feature to automate precision Terrain triangle trimming

One very important piece of functionality that is currently missing in OpenRoads is a Linear Terrain Void feature type. This Linear Terrain feature would void/null any Terrain triangles it crosses, allowing users to add these features into their templates to automate trimming of triangle edges, eg. at the bottom of end conditions, in medians, etc. etc. so that the terrains generated will be trimmed perfectly in a very quick and automated manner. Users could even have predefined linear geometry in a Terrain dgn to do this in a semi-manual manner, but it would be much faster and efficient than the Edit Terrain command that is very laborious and lost on any Terrain reprocessing.

Unfortunately the Terrain from Design meshes doesn’t add enough control or speed for us to use effectively for this (takes a very long time to generate on large projects and has no filtering/ability to exclude sections of data, etc.

In the MX world, there is a linear feature called a PBRK or Triangulation Nulling feature. What it does is void out any triangles they cross during the triangulation process. These are just linear features (unlike the current void features) that simply automate the edit Terrain function to remove triangles by crossing line.

In MX we automated the creation of trimmed triangulations by creating these as on an offset from the top/toes of earthworks batters, back of bridge barriers, between carriageways in medians, etc. and it allowed for very quick updates of Terrains on every change. This could be done in a similar fashion in ORD templates and provide the same level of automation and predefinition of trimmed boundaries.

This would save users a very large amount of time to create perfectly trimmed Terrains repeatedly (and with consistency) and give users precise control to get the results they need. As far as I am aware, this functionality does not existing outside of MX so it would be an excellent enhancement to Terrains in the ORD space.

Civil Product Used OpenSite Designer, OpenRoads Designer, OpenRail Designer, OpenBridge Modeler
  • Guest
    Mar 28, 2023

    Although the new Edit Terrain functionality allows users to manually draw a line to void triangles, the Idea here is to be able to automate voiding of triangles using a linear feature in the model. Adding a new "Linear Traingle Void" feature to Terrains will allow users to be able to build this feature using rules or template points to be able to dynamically void triangles in an automated manner. The new Edit functionality allows for voiding as requested above, however it is completely manual and cannot be automated.