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Created on Jul 19, 2023

Allow member groups to start and stop at the same support line in LBS

We are modeling a complex bridge in LBS and the bridge is flared. The flare has required the addition of shorter beams that are not full length to keep the beam spacing on the flared end reasonable. Currently LBS does not allow more than one beam group to start or end at the same support line as another beam group. I have a shorter beam that is from Pier 3 to the N Abutment and another shorter beam that is from Pier 4 to the N Abutment but since the full length members are from the S Abutment to the N Abutment LBS considers them overlapping groups even though they are offset horizontally. Adding more flexibility in beam placement will hopefully make LBS capable of modeling and analyzing more complex framing plans.

Civil Product Used OpenBridge Designer, OpenBridge Modeler