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Status Future consideration
Created by Guest
Created on Sep 27, 2023

Feature Defintions (Window) - a proposal for improving this function

Feature Definition Toolbar

A proposal for improving/expanding this feature

Choosing Feature Definitions is a frequently used feature in OpenRoads Designer. Especially in urban projects, switching between pavement types, curbs, placing signs, streetlights, or traffic lights is something that happens continuously. However, the current Feature Definition Toolbar seems to fall short in this regard. We encounter several issues when using it, and it would be great if it could be adjusted and enhanced in a future version.

Current problems:

• When clicking on Feature Definition in the Feature Definition Manager, another window often appears first or it disappears again: Video<-Link to video

• If you click next to the window while choosing a Feature Definition, you can restart it and browse to a Feature Definition again: Video<-Link to video

• The Feature Definition Toolbar must now be started separately and is not standard in the Ribbon.

• Browsing through a tree structure can be cumbersome. There is no search function or filter: Video<-Link to video

• Only Alignments and Linear Features are currently available in the Feature Definition Toolbar. It would be nice to add Points as well.

• Choosing a Feature Definition feels slow.

• When changing a Feature Definition, it would be good to have a function for changing/updating the Item Types. Currently, an element retains the Item Types initially linked to it.

• The width of the Feature Definition dropdown list cannot be adjusted.


• Add a Feature Definition section under the Attributes section of the OpenRoads Ribbon:

The window that appears:

• Responds quickly and does not disappear unless you want it to.

• Has a search function.

• Has a section for favorites.

• Has a customizable size.

• Can be dragged.

• When changing a Feature Definition, there should be an option to change the Item Types and descriptions as well.

Nice to have:

• Button to a Feature Definition Chooser (if interested, I can also consider this).

• Button to Feature Definition Manager (the wizard and editor also have room for improvement; I can also consider this if interested).

Civil Product Used OpenSite Designer, OpenRoads Designer, OpenRail Designer