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Status Future consideration
Created by Guest
Created on Oct 9, 2023

It would be benefitial to allow drainage designers in ORD Drainage to use graphical elements in combination with terrains to define time of concentration components.

Currently, in order to determine one of the components of the Time of Concentration (Tc), ORD DU users have to jump completely out of the 'Catchment Properties' interface to determine the length and slope of the Tc element (since once you are in the Cathcment Properties, the user is unable to do ANYTHING in the main DGN files). For HEC-22 and TR-55, those elements include overland flow, shallow concentrated flow, and channel flow. The designer must then measure the physical lentgth and slope, which can be done in ORD with an element by extracting the profile, and then in the OpenRoads Modeling, selecting the vertical task bar, and using 'Profile Line between points'. There are other variations of this process, but all seem equally long and tedious.

In order to facilitate a quicker method to determine of properties of theTc elements, I am suggesting use of a toggle button that would 'kick' the user back into the ORD DU DGN to 'pick' a line stream that represents the overland flow, shallow concentrated flow, or channel flow.

The toggles would look something like this (see attached):

Pressing the toggle button would allow you to pick an element that represented the part of the Tc path you were trying to determine. In the attached case, the magenta element would be the overland flow, the shallow concentrated flow would be the gold element, and the blue element would be the channel element.

Note that similar toggles were available in InRoads Storm and Sanitary 15 years ago (see attached).

Civil Product Used OpenRoads Designer