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Status Future consideration
Created by Guest
Created on May 3, 2024

More options when creating custom diagrammatic arrows

Description: While SignCAD currently supports the creation of diagrammatic arrows with two arrows, there is a growing need for more complex arrow configurations. Users often require diagrammatic arrows with three or more arrows for detailed traffic signage.

Idea: I propose an enhancement to the existing diagrammatic arrow tool to allow for the creation of multi-arrow configurations. This feature would enable users to design signs with three or more arrows, providing greater flexibility and precision in traffic sign design.


  • Allows for more accurate representation of complex traffic flows.

  • Saves time by eliminating the need to manually create multi-arrow designs.

  • Streamlines the design process within SignCAD, maintaining consistency and quality.

Implementation: The feature could be integrated into the current diagrammatic arrow tool with an option to add additional arrows. Users could specify the number of arrows and adjust their positioning and orientation to fit the design requirements.

Use Case: For example, a highway pull through sign requiring a triple arrow to indicate multiple lanes would benefit from this feature. The designer could easily select the triple arrow option, customize the angles and lengths, and integrate the design into the sign layout.

Civil Product Used OpenRoads SignCAD