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Created by Guest
Created on Jan 4, 2023

Update/Modify Profile Run

Named boundary and respective cut-sheet is based on the profile Run Alignment.

In further submittal there might be a change (about 25-30%) in the Profile Run of respective system.

If we delete the run the named boundary and cut-sheet will lose the associated data of a deleted Profile Run.

So there should be an option to delete the dependent element and add extra elements (link-nodes) for the Profile Run.

I have heard there is a option called 'Update Profile Run' in StormCAD which is flawless if so ORD requires that kind of flexibility.

Civil Product Used OpenSite Designer, OpenRoads Designer, OpenRail Designer
  • Admin
    Jonathan Smith
    Nov 17, 2023

    In a previous release, we implemented healing a profile run when a node was inserted in a conduit, with 'Split' set to true. In the 2023 release, we automatically heal a profile run when a node at the end of a run is deleted. If a node is deleted that is not at the end of a run, we now prompt to 'Connect Adjoining Nodes?' Answering 'Yes' will link the adjoining nodes with a new conduit, and heal the profile run. Answering 'No' means that we cannot heal the profile run, but we will retain as much of it as we can.