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Drainage and Utilities

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ORD Drainage - new properties for gutter spread/depth at edge of grate (not center)

Ohio DOT likes to see the spread and depth at the edge of the grate. Currently the software reports on the spread and depth at the start and end of the gutter. Would like additional properties to also report the spread and depth at the edge of the...
5 months ago in Drainage and Utilities 0 Needs review

SUDA - Spread Slope

Make it easier to manage longitudinal spread slope. It's nice to input the slope in the properties per node, but consider making it integrated to the gutters used during bypass flow drawing of gutters.
12 months ago in Drainage and Utilities / OpenRail Designer / OpenRoads Designer / OpenSite Designer 0 Needs review

Separate 3D line and 3D object for pipes to different levels.

In Drainage & Utilities, the 3D line and the 3D object for a pipes(conduit/link) is placed on same level. It would be great to have them on different levels - also because it can be a demand from from clients in Denmark, that the line is place...
about 2 months ago in Drainage and Utilities 1 Needs review

Automatically adjust structure Hight to include pipe thickness

it would be more accurate to calculate the structure Height if when a pipe is connected to a structure that the bottom base slab was adjusted to be below the wall of the pipe. this would also make the 3D model look better.

DU: Only modelling workflow

When starting a DU, OpenRoads creates a whole DU project inside the file and brings a lot of hidroly/hidraulic properties with it. That's fine if the goal is to run an analysis. But what if I just want to model a whole network and never run it? Di...

ORD D&U - Import / Export WaterCAD models

Ability to import /export to network data from/to OpenFlows WaterCAD in order to collaborate with BIM workflows.
4 months ago in Drainage and Utilities 0 Needs review

Automate the assignment of a node's sump offset based on largest connecting pipe's wall thickness

We are looking for a workflow where the Sump depth value can be set to the thickness of the "largest pipe" connected to a node. When the user places a node, if there is an option to set the sump depth to the thickness of the pipe, then it would au...

Channels Attach to other nodes besides headwall

If ditches do become channel features, KYTC would need channels to then be able to attach to other node types besides headwalls since we have many conditions and locations where they outlet into inlets of various types.

Ditches be channel features

It would be wonderful if ditches were channel features so that they could be treated as surface features like gutters are to get head on inlet.

Custom Grate Spacing and Sizes

It would be amazing if we could utilize our own grate spacing for calculating the head on inlets. KYTC has several grates that don't quite match with what is in the delivered system, and this may affect the depth of the head on the inlet.