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Drainage and Utilities

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Allow Sorting of Drainage and Utilities Items in the Project Explorer

Currently, items in the drainage and utilities model in the project explorer appear in the order they were created. However, as element names change, items can be difficult to find especially if there are a lot of elements in the model. It would b...

Need an "Update" tool to update Drainage Catalogs, Prototypes, and Engineering Libraries from another file

We need a better way to update a working DGN with changed or added Drainage content from the DGNLib. It is possible to export and import library XML files, but you'd need to know which libraries have been changed. There's no XML file for prototype...

Update/Modify Profile Run

Named boundary and respective cut-sheet is based on the profile Run Alignment. In further submittal there might be a change (about 25-30%) in the Profile Run of respective system. If we delete the run the named boundary and cut-sheet will lose the...

Add a toggle to make a Drainage network Active or Inactive

We have an "Is Active" property for all drainage elements. Elements that have this property set to false are ignored by the hydraulics engine. This makes it easy to focus on a single network if your design file contains more than one, because you ...

DU: Conduit Inventory

Option for conduit inventory sum the construction lenght instead of the unified.

Automatically invoke a selected OpenFlows License when the Civil Product starts

Invoking a different OpenFlows licence for H&H calculations (e.g. StormCAD Unlimited) has to be done every time you start a session of the product (e.g. OpenRoads Designer). This takes a little while to process, and it's frustrating to keep ha...

Model Builder to utilize InRoads SDB files.

When a InRoads SDB file is imported for a Drainage model, there is no option to assign a ORD-"Wastewater node" to one of the nodes imported from SDB file. Only Drainage Nodes are available to define a feature definition. We need to have control ov...
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