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Use Analyze Point Tool in Sheet/Drawing Models

We need to be able to track alignment data to check sheet annotation. Would be very helpful to have an easy way to do this in sheets. Since an alignment or terrain would still need to be selected, the sheet scale shouldn't matter. This would work ...
9 months ago in Analytics / OpenRail Designer / OpenRoads Designer / OpenSite Designer 0 Future consideration

Have Sight Visibility Lines also created as 2d Geometry so users can visually inspect/present failures

Currently sight distance analysis results are purely 3d extended objects that only offers a limited amount of functionality to determine visually why a failure is occurring. Adding 2d geometry representation to these objects would allow users to p...
about 1 year ago in Analytics / Modeling / OpenRail Designer / OpenRoads Designer 0 Future consideration

Facilitate successive volume calculations

Currently the simple calculation between 2 3D models is summarized between 2 comboboxes with a visual choice in a list of 3D models. If we have 60 models it becomes very difficult to make choices because the palette disappears after each calculat...
4 months ago in Analytics 2 Future consideration

Draw Clear Zone Tool in Plan/3d

Draw Clear Zone tool in Plan/3D that reads from AASHTOW roadside design tables for offsets and slopes from the model.
10 months ago in Analytics / OpenRoads Designer 4 Future consideration

Temporary Dimension Lines in XSection Views

Currently in the XSection viewer in OpenRoads Designer if you have a corridor or linear template that touches our butts up against another corridor you can't place temporary dimension lines on those components to make measurements if the linear or...
12 months ago in Analytics / Modeling / OpenRail Designer / OpenRoads Designer / Reports 0 Future consideration

Analyze Pavement Smoothness Assurance/Ride Quality. ProVal equivalent analysis.

QAQC tool to analyze pavement smoothness/ride quality of models. This would help verify model density is appropriate for paving use, verify design intent. The goal is to simplify the process and have any easy method to analyze pavement from both i...
10 months ago in Analytics / OpenRoads Designer 0 Future consideration

Earthwork Quantity Cell table for Cross Sections

We currently only have the ability to produce Cut & Fill volume quantities using available text favorites for our cross sections. That's where it ends when it comes to extracting quantities from the model to display in the drawing/sheet models...
12 months ago in Analytics / Drawing Production / Item Types / OpenRail Designer / OpenRoads Designer / OpenSite Designer 0 Future consideration

Native Dynamic Alignment Tables

If I create an alignment, and I want that information as a data table (for curves and the like) it's not directly possible. I want it to create a table where I can pull the properties of that alignment off and put them into a table format. The def...
about 1 year ago in Analytics / OpenRail Designer / OpenRoads Designer / OpenSite Designer 1 Future consideration

Sweep Envlope cross section with track side asset and its clearance

We have templates of all wagons running on the track and the survey data points of all trackside assets such as speed posts, curve ID posts, structure ID posts, fences, etc., It would be great if we could have the option to create a cross section ...
2 months ago in Analytics / OpenRail Designer 0 Future consideration

Pay Item Manager

ORD needs a pay item tool to manage all pay items and quantities for a project. This would help with keeping up with pay items that do not have elements in a file, especially in regard to digital delivery. PowerGeopak had a quantity manager that c...