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Apply superelevation to Linear Templates

I have built a civil cell using linear templates. The civil cell will need to have superelevation applied to it. Currently I cannot apply superelevation to the linear templates, and I cannot use a corridor within my civil cell without other issues...
6 days ago in OpenRoads Designer / Superelevation 0 Future consideration

Need ability of having different Spiral Types in OpenRoads Designer

Need to have an option of having different spiral curve types in OpenRoads Designer mainly cubic parabola which is similar in OpenRail Designer. This is also required to satisfy new expressway design specification as per table no 2.4 in clause no ...
6 days ago in Geometry / OpenRoads Designer 0 Future consideration

[Terrain] Flow arrows with slope percentages

Need ability to toggle slope percentage annotations above/below the flow arrows on terrains. This will help with design and analysis. An option could be added in the flow arrow properties, please refer to the attached snapshot.
7 days ago in OpenRail Designer / OpenRoads Designer / OpenSite Designer / Terrain 1 Future consideration

Import/Export Feature Definitions/Symbologies

We sometimes need to make updates to dozens or hundreds of feature symbologies and feature definitions, or we need to export a list of features for documentation/training purposes. Currently, we have to do this one by one, which is maddening. Plea...
9 days ago in OpenRail Designer / OpenRoads Designer / OpenSite Designer / Workspace 2 Future consideration

More options for customizing the behavior of the SignCAD backup file creation

When working with legacy .SGN files that were created in the 32bit version of OpenRoads SignCAD, the default behavior when opening these legacy files in the 64bit version of OpenRoads SignCAD 2023 is to append .BAK to the original legacy .SGN file...
10 days ago in OpenRoads SignCAD 0 Future consideration

Pre-populate the file name when performing a Save As, Exporting, and Printing to PDF

Currently, when performing a Save As, Exporting, or printing a SignCAD file to PDF, the file name of the PDF isn’t populated in the dialog box and must be typed in manually. A much-needed quality of life improvement would be for the PDF file name ...
10 days ago in OpenRoads SignCAD / User Interface 0 Future consideration

Ability to set the default printer independently from the Windows Default Printer

Currently the customization options for the Quick Access toolbar only allows for showing the Open, Save, Undo, and Redo tools. Having access to add other backstage and ribbon tools such as Print, Import, Export, etc. would be a much-needed quality...
10 days ago in OpenRoads SignCAD / User Interface 0 Future consideration

Create 3D by slope to target tool alse creates 2D geometry

This tool should work similar to a linear template. It should respect the "Create Template Geometry" option from the feature definition and generate the 2D geometry, not just the 3D one.
12 days ago in Modeling / OpenRail Designer / OpenRoads Designer / OpenSite Designer 0 Future consideration

Expand Stationing Favorites to allow truncating trailing zeros.

When using any of the labeling and annotation tools, some situations end up with trailing zeros. When users manually labeled such occurrences, they would omit any trailing zeros. Other distance values allow this type of operation, but stationing d...
16 days ago in Drawing Production / OpenRoads Designer 0 Future consideration

Adjust Sight Visibility Tool to local markets

Hi, We are struggling with sight visibiloty analysis, because currently available methods covers only some of regional standards, like for example Italian, Australian, French or AASHTO. Equation used for that strandards is probably hardcoded somew...
16 days ago in OpenRoads Designer / Terrain 0 Future consideration