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OpenRail Overhead Line Designer

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Export cells and parametric cells in IFC export

At the moment, only shared cells are supported.

Terrain label integrated with element template should able to rotate

The Element Template of the terrain are integrated with the Major /Minor Contour labelling and control by Text style for modification , This labelling is only in the orientation of the up Slope , and can not be rotate to down slope or control as p...

Exported TIN surface must carry same edge method on importing.

Exported surface in TIN format not keeping the same edge method while importing it in new .dgn file. So, it is expected to get such functionality where the exported surface should carry the same edge method or while importing any surface it should...

Add Ability to Place Civil Label With View Independent Setting When Using Leader in Civil Labeler

I am needing to enable the View Independent setting in Civil Labeler on text favorites using leaders. For example, I am using text favorites in Civil Labeler (that require leaders) to annotate existing right-of-way and property lines information a...

Zoom button with CivilAccudraw

It would be useful to have a zoom button (toggle) added to CivilAccudraw to automatically zoom to location of selected point. Example: type a station and it will zoom to that station. And maybe with capability to zoom 2D only or on multiple views ...

Openroads designer annotation groups extend the white space management to all items

Right now only the text element can have the "manage modification" turn to true. This mean that only text will not move when doing annotation. The white space management, or manage modification to placement annotation should be avaiable to all ite...

File Branding Interoperability - By Schema

File branding by Product is problematic for Organizations where multiple software solution are deployed like OpenSite, OpenRoads, OpenRail and OpenBridge. The schema(s) within the file should be analyzed at file open rather than the last authoring...

Expand Text Favorite Fields to the limit

Text Favorites are great. This is the primary way we transfer information from the model into intelligent annotations. Their functionality needs to be expanded to cover, quite literally, anything. If a property is discoverable anywhere in the desi...


Please add a variable MS_LEVEL_DO_NOT_OVERRIDE_DESIGN_LEVELS_IN_DRAWING that does what MS_LEVEL_DO_NOT_OVERRIDE_DESIGN_LEVELS_IN_SHEET does for sheets but for drawings

Add support for buildingSMART IDS

IDS as Information Delivery Specification is a standard comes from buildingSMART which ensure openBIM pricipes for exchange of information requirements and validation. Please check at