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Tool to import public terrain data.

Need a tool that can directly import any publicly available terrain data. This used to be available.
12 months ago in OpenRail Designer / OpenRoads Designer / OpenSite Designer / Terrain 1 Future consideration

GEOPAK-like Drainage Tools

I would like to see tools added to ORD that would mimic the Drainage Tools found in GEOPAK. Specifically, I would like to be able to visualize Drainage Patterns. I envision this be something that could be added to a Terrain Feature Definition, sim...
over 1 year ago in Drainage and Utilities / OpenRail Designer / OpenRoads Designer / OpenSite Designer / Terrain 2 Future consideration

Allow for an elevation exaggeration in the 3d view/model

Letting users increase and decrease an exaggeration of the elevation data can help visualize drawings when looking from the side or angles.
about 1 year ago in Modeling / OpenRail Designer / OpenRoads Designer / OpenSite Designer / Terrain 4 Future consideration

Analyze Volume Terrain model misses the old "Triangle Volume report" option

When using the "Analyze Volume Terrain model" tool the only way to save the result is to place a text in the dgn file. As in the legacy product (PowerCivil/InRoads) we need to be able to save a report (eg. using TriangleVolumes.xsl) should b...
over 1 year ago in OpenBridge Designer / OpenBridge Modeler / OpenRail Designer / OpenRoads Designer / OpenSite Designer / Reports / Terrain 0 Future consideration

Export multiple terrain models as a single XML file

We deliver terrain models for top/bottom surfaces of a roadway. Due to gaps in project data we often have multiple top surfaces and multiple bottom surfaces. It would be nice to export all surfaces as a single XML file similar to alignments.
5 months ago in Import/Export / OpenRail Designer / OpenRoads Designer / OpenSite Designer / Terrain 4 Already exists

Radial line of sight - Along alignment for visual intrusion checks

The new feature in 2022 R3 with the line of sight/ Radial sight check is good for a single check, but being able to run the radial tool along an alignment at set intervals to be able to check for visual intrusion. This will be a great design aid i...
10 months ago in OpenRoads Designer / Terrain 1 Future consideration

Terrain substitute tool

"Terrain Substitute” command that would swap all links from one Terrain to another, and also swap Parent Terrains for Surface Templates ( without breaking rules/relationships).
19 days ago in OpenRail Designer / OpenRoads Designer / OpenSite Designer / Terrain 1 Future consideration

Add Generate Transverse Feature from InRoads to OpenRoads

This tool was incredibly useful in creating Finished Grade and subgrade terrains, allowing for quick creation of transverse features to control triangulation and slope transitions in intersections and grading. The fact that the lines could be made...
about 1 year ago in Terrain 9 Future consideration

Item Type Expression that References a Terrain

Similar to the new Station/Offset Expressions, it would be great to query a terrain in an item type on an element and return the elevation. It would be used primarily for point cells, but I could also see it being useful for linework.
over 1 year ago in Annotation / Item Types / OpenRail Designer / OpenRoads Designer / OpenSite Designer / Terrain 5 Future consideration

Add Triangulation Limit Shape to "Create Terrain by Graphical Filter"

We have issues with creating a terrain by graphical filter. The command grabs all filtered features in a file(s) and adds them to a terrain. The problem with this approach is areas with a gap are ignored and triangles span gaps causing one large t...
2 months ago in OpenRail Designer / OpenRoads Designer / OpenSite Designer / Terrain 1 Future consideration