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OpenTunnel Designer

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Highlight selected objects through Project Explorer

Want: Objects in model would highlight when selected through the project explorer Why: if you have multiple objects say terrains, and you need to modify them, it would be very helpful to see them highlighted through the project explorer. Often tim...

User-defined "ifc Cartesian Point"

The ability to input a user-defined "ifc Cartesian Point" when exporting IFC 4x3".

Tool Names need to be consistent

Tool names need to be consistent everywhere. If you go to the tool called "Direction", the tool that opens up looks to have a name of "Change Curve Direction" as the title. if you open to tool called "Coordinate System", the title of the dialog th...

We need a SINGLE LIST of configuration variables that can be filtered by ALL products and generation

It would be nice if there was a single list of configuration variables so that we don't have to hunt in different product Help documents (microstation vs openroads) to find details of how they are used. Furthermore there seems to be a lot of confi...

MVD is not defined when exported to IFC

In IFC Export, there is NO Model View Definition in exported IFC.

enhance ORD Cross section to have same capabilities as Clip Volumes (for Point clouds in particular)

For now ORD Cross sections have limited capabilities compared to MS Clip volumes. Request is that ORD cross sections do inherit full capabilities of MS Clip volumes, including capability to define a thickness for point clouds and project the Point...

Reporting Partial Item Type with Fence/Border

Need the ability to report a partial quantity for an item type. For example, I can use this.GetElement().LinearElement_Length to calculate the length of an element. But I cannot report part of the length with a fence or border. My only options in ...

Explorer - Edit Multiple Features or Symbologies

In Explorer under OpenRoads Standards, we can select and see the properties/details of multiple feature definitions and symbologies. It would be extremely helpful to be able to edit the properties for multiple options when they are all selected. S...

Text Favorite Migration Tool for schema/ Major Updates changes

There are some cases when ORD updates come with changes on element/civil property field names used on text favourites. This can come from changes in the structure the fields are organized. Other cases can be just a name change, etc The problem is ...

Add latitude and longitude values to Report Browser

The raw-xml is missing Latitude and Longitude information when creating reports. InRoads had this capability, but it appears to be missing from OpenRoads.