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OpenTunnel Designer

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Expand Text Favorite Fields to the limit

Text Favorites are great. This is the primary way we transfer information from the model into intelligent annotations. Their functionality needs to be expanded to cover, quite literally, anything. If a property is discoverable anywhere in the desi...

Limit the types of models that can have coordinate systems

Would be nice if the non-indexed profile models and cross section models prevented users from being able to assign coordinate systems. Also would be nice if coordinate systems weren't able to be attached to sheet models either. Since coordinate sy...

Civil labeler functionality

Being able to label areas when clicking on a shape

Need a way to analyze plan, profile, and xs simultaneously with sta/off information

there is no good tool that we have found that allows you to analyze plan, profile, xs simultaneously with sta/off & elev information.

Ability to print without needing to go through named boundaries

We were previously able to drop a border cell in any file to easily be able to print and now it is not

GenerativeComponents - Feature Definition tool Node

Special Node/Option for Full recognition (reading civil information) and creation of Feature Definitions in GenerativeComponents. GC & Civil Packages would benefit greatly if we could automate the creation of Civil Lines (2D/3D) for subsequen...
9 months ago in Modeling / OpenBridge Modeler / OpenRail Designer / OpenSite Designer / OpenTunnel Designer 0 Future consideration

GenerativeComponents - Alignment Node

Special Node/Option for Full recognition/utilisation of Alignment in GenerativeComponents. Since GC made it's entry into Civil products, it is vital that it gets tools (Node/-s) vital for closer cooperation with Civil Packages who make us of Align...
9 months ago in Geometry / Modeling / OpenBridge Modeler / OpenRail Designer / OpenRoads Designer / OpenTunnel Designer 0 Future consideration

3d measure between any to points.

I have used a 3d measure macro in Microstation for 20 years now. I love it. It would be nice to have this feature in ORD . Would be simple to add. The way the tool would work: Users snap between any two points. I dialog would pop up displaying the...

UI: Move Terrain Labeling Tools from Terrain tab to Drawing Production tab.

It is not clear that the Terrain Labeling tools are under Terrain when they are a Plans Production tool.

Zoom button with CivilAccudraw

It would be useful to have a zoom button (toggle) added to CivilAccudraw to automatically zoom to location of selected point. Example: type a station and it will zoom to that station. And maybe with capability to zoom 2D only or on multiple views ...