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Text Favorite: add Dynamic N,E,S,W preffix for MH labels

Add ability to have dynamic direction- N,E,S,W preffix in the label for MH labels Text Favorites. In Auto CAD the option is called "pipe direction". Following is the example of output required. (S) INV 99.8m (N) INV 99.7M
over 1 year ago in Annotation 0 Future consideration

Ability to Update/Load additional Pipe networks from Civil 3d

Currently When importing pulling in pipe networks (both utility and drainage) two things happen 1.) They lose a lot of data. 2.) you can only do it once. Then you have to erase EVERYTHING and do it again. The workflow generally goes like this: So ...
about 1 year ago in Drainage and Utilities / OpenRail Designer / OpenRoads Designer / OpenSite Designer 1 Future consideration

Create corridor from reference feature

Our current standard workflow for roadway corridor modeling is to create a pavement corridor then a corridor for each end condition Rt and Lt. I have seen many others including some Bentley folks use this method. It would be big time saver to have...
over 1 year ago in Modeling / OpenRail Designer / OpenRoads Designer 2 Future consideration

Geometry - Copy Chain Parallel Command

There was a command in Geopak called Copy Chai n Parallel that was very useful in creating offsets of survey chains, and creating new points at constant delta elevations. We are looking for the same function to be added in OpenRoads Designer.
over 1 year ago in Geometry / OpenRail Designer / OpenRoads Designer / OpenSite Designer 1 Already exists

Add the ability to perform evaluation and branching within Labeling tools

Before Survey Annotation tools were available within Open Roads, we used many VBA Feature Macros to generate all survey labels. As we were developing these, we realized that we could build some QA/QC checks into our code. For Example, we shoot sto...
about 1 year ago in Annotation / OpenRail Designer / OpenRoads Designer / OpenSite Designer 0 Future consideration

Use of vertical alignment commands from geometry when creating the vertical alignment of utilities

Currently to get a specific vertical alignment on utilities it is quite difficult
about 1 year ago in Drainage and Utilities / OpenRail Designer / OpenRoads Designer / OpenSite Designer 0 Future consideration

Geometry Points ruled by Name to allow users to move Points by importing ASCII

Ruling point import by name would add some powerful automation to the software. If a user could import a Point via ASCII and have any existing Points with the same name update (while maintaining the same object) this would allow things like posts ...
over 1 year ago in Geometry 0 Future consideration

new variable for Drawing Seed lists

When using drawing seeds to define named boundary limits, all of the drawing seeds available from the variable MS_DGNLIBLISTDRAWINGSEEDS are listed. This would include both the Plan version and the Profile version of a Plan&Profile sheet. This...
over 1 year ago in Workspace 1 Already exists

Grid Text Rotated with Tick under Plan Grid Annotation

In Plan Grid annotation, grid texts (northing and easting) can only rotate or oriented with the view of drawing model but NOT able to rotated with the tick mark (+) or grid line.
about 1 year ago in Drawing Production / OpenRail Designer / OpenRoads Designer / OpenSite Designer 0 Future consideration

Provide feedback if annotation changes AFTER QC has been performed

While the rules-based annotation is nice, it also introduces some concerns. Some of our designers are frustrated because they don't know if an element (and thus it's child annotation) has been changed AFTER the annotation has been reviewed. Would ...
about 1 year ago in Annotation / OpenRail Designer / OpenRoads SignCAD / OpenSite Designer 0 Future consideration