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Status Future consideration
Categories Annotation
Created by Guest
Created on Jun 30, 2023

Annotation for Turnouts to be Excluded/Seperated from Geometry Annotation when Complexing Alignments

If I have annotation for curves in a track alignment and annotation for a turnout that does not annotate any curves, there is no way to deal with a single complex alignment and the annotation associated with it.

As soon as I complex a turnout with the rest of the alignment coming off the LLS, the Feature Def (and thus annotation associated with the Feature Def and Symbology) is associated with the entire new complex alignment.

If I want to annotate the horizontal curves in the rest of the alignment and not the turnout, there does not appear to be a solution to this.

A single alignment needs to be used for profile generation, especially since it is common to have vertical curves in portions of the turnout. Thus, the turnout and the rest of the alignment needs to be complex, but the horizontal annotation thus is completely messed up.

Some method to deal with this needs to be created. Excluding Annotation from certain Stations and then separately annotating the turnout using a different annotation style?

Having checkboxes to remove the annotation of things like curves, etc, from turnout elements (thus allowing a single annotation group with turnout annotation included in the main geometry annotation definitoin...


Civil Product Used OpenRail Designer