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OpenTunnel Designer

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Text Favorite Use Dimension Style Setting

When a Text Favorite is set to "Active Settings" it looks at the file setting and is not reading active dimension style setting from the element template or the tool settings. According to MicroStation the Active Setting is set by the dimension st...

OpenRoads Compress Options

There seems to be a need to Compress or purge out unused OpenRoads Feature Definition, Feature Symbology, Annotation Groups, Annotation Definitions. Compressing out unused "Stuff" in a MicroStation DGN file seem to be a normal function of MicroSta...

Have different icons for each version of a civil product

The current desktop icons are the same color for all versions and is confusing with multiple versions installed. If the icons for each version was a different color for each release it would make for quicker identification of version.

Export to SHP file should automatically handle unit conversions

Users expecting an enhancement for export to SHP file function should export the data without having to change the units and handle the conversion on the fly from the selected working units if they differ from the dataset. To provide context: The ...

Re-word the Upgrade dialog to include that the file will also be 'aligned' to the product.

There are several ways a file can be opened though local access, networking, and ProjectWise. There is very minimal documentation available to explain to users the difference between Upgrading and Aligning a file. Not to mention how, when, and why...

Upgrading from XSLT 1.0 to XSLT 3.0

XSLT 3.0 introduces several new features and improvements that can enhance the development process, increase efficiency, and provide better results. Performance Improvements: XSLT 3.0 includes optimizations that can significantly improve the perfo...

Georeferenced Sheet Models

Sheet models do not inherit the coordinate system from the Design model when created. The goal is to be able to create a georeferenced pdf that lays flat on aerial photography.

Including OverBridges, Noise wall and Large Gantries for Sight distance analysis

For the sight distance analysis, it would be good to include more complex scenarios, like OverBridges, noisewalls, Large Signage Gantries etc. which cannot be included in composite design surfaces.

Openroads designer annotation groups extend the white space management to all items

Right now only the text element can have the "manage modification" turn to true. This mean that only text will not move when doing annotation. The white space management, or manage modification to placement annotation should be avaiable to all ite...

Update Standards from Dgnlib needs to allow user selections

Please adjust the "update standards from dgnlib" in Explorer to allow for more user control for what will update. I also want more visibility any active file, project resources that are different compared to the dgnlib resources. Consider a situat...